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20 May, 2009

Community Announcement: Pulau Ketam controversy and our response

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Community Announcement: Pulau Ketam controversy and our response

there’s much controversy about Pulau Ketam lately… and there were some calls from “concerned” individuals for animal lovers to stay away from Pulau Ketam when we recently posted an organized photoshoot at the island.

Here’s a statement issued by tommy @ pan8a:

Actually before anyone jumps to the conclusion…

Me and my partners organised this shoot for a purpose. The Pulau Ketam news has been blown a bit out if proposion. Yes the residents did put the dogs on the island but they were paid to do it as well. I don’t point fingers , what’s done is done. I don’t look at the problem and blame who should do what or do this.

I look at the solution. In actual fact this trip to P. Ketam is actually to show that P. Ketam residents are still human beings, we are all 1Malaysia. we do not discriminate against each other for wrong doings.

We planned this in the background and let it as a low profile but since someone brought out this subject of telling people to stay away from P. Ketam, I would strongly oppose to doing that. That is like isolating someone when we do not even know the whole complete picture of what is going on.

I have a friend who is helping out the dogs on a daily basis going to P. Ketam physically out of her own accord.

For this outing of mine , actually we have planned to use the proceeds to buy dog food and donate it to Furry Friends Farm. This is where the rescued dogs from the island is sheltered.

Anyone who wants to join me this Sunday is more than welcome if it is for shoots obviously needs to pay but if just to sightsee, take some shots of Pulau Ketam and speak to the residents itself be my guest.

Thank you for those who has supported us on this outing!

for more info about the recent Pulau Ketam controversy, look here:
 Please Help This Puppy

Furry Friends Farm:

to support by participating in the photoshoot:

photoshoot models interested in contributing, write to me to discuss how you may help. My email address can be found all over this site.

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